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(Apr.30.10) -

The Law of Organizational Truth Multipliers  ---»


Basically, the Law of Organizational Truth Multipliers says that any message released publicly by an organization has about a 50% truth quotient if said message underlies a negative truth, and a 200% truth quotient if said message underlies a positive truth. The reason for these multipliers is based on the truth-threshold, or “what actually happened”. […]

(May.12.08) -

PMOG out and about  ---»


As previously discussed, PMOG represents one of those new (read: steampunk aesthetic) hybrids of metalayer MMO acronym-laden game categories which may pose a real danger when the base technology innovation starts being used as advertising vectors by The Man (or men, or women). Where does life end and the market begin? Philosophy is great for […]

(Apr.30.08) -

Grand Theft Auto 4 iv on Finance  ---»


Whats the diff between high school required reading novels and high school required playing games? Many detractors love to deride games due to their violence, or some aspect of their narrative or graphical depiction, which are mostly seen as sensationalist pandering to ultraviolence and youth. Ignoring for a moment the power and capital devoted daily […]

(Mar.11.08) -

pmog v megaphone v monochrom v the man  ---»


The rangefinding of games ability to target users is on the increase. Like pirate ship, the classic TI Programmable led calculator range-finding game (+.051! Direct Hit!), game players in the statisticalized demographic sphere spanning pure matrix-fed-battery-being-web-addict to web-addict-with-cellphone-mobile-addiction to full on pure-life-junkies are increasingly on the radar. [except for the last one, which just gets […]

(Mar.10.08) -

Ankh and the MetaReal World of David Van Brink  ---»


I do not know how many others were affected by the game I remembered which turns out to have been Ankh, [disk img and emulator], an early apple II and commodore 64 game which, nonetheless, still remains in my mind one of the most forward looking games i have ever played. of course, the mind […]

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