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(Apr.08.10) -

HP on Memristors: Replace Transistors, Flash Drives?  ---»


Memristors, that weird missing 4th type of electronic circuit and poster child for smaller, faster computer memory, are in the news again with new abilities: apparently, not only are they on course to double storage capacity in half the time flash and ssd drives will, but now they can also do some basic logic right […]

(Sep.19.09) -

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!  ---»


Yet another exciting incident surrounding the Indian Point Nuclear Power plants.. this time, with a little more uumphh: instead of those blaring World War II variety of sirens, a much better, if even more cold-war archaic long buried, crufted technology reared its ugly, heart pounding, adrenaline laced head yesterday, its being reported in the Journal […]

(Apr.06.09) -

Michael Crichton, Publishing from the Grave  ---»


Pirate Latitudes and a Technological Thriller… it looks like Micheal Crichton, the recently departed author of addictive airport classics and comic-book style novellas dealing with technology and the human, will be releasing a couple of posthumous novels…. they will be ghostwritten, skynet-ish-wise, by a ghost writer selected by the publisher, by Lynn Nesbit (Mr. Crichton’s […]

(Mar.30.09) -

Tracking Ghostnet  ---»


Ghostnet: its like a scary internet, but an invisible one you cant see except in the dark. For those who are tracking the Ghostnet trackers, based at the Munk Centre here, its clear that it could and would never be the Canadians behind a distributed network of hidden rotational temporary IP’s pretending to come from […]

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