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The Law of Organizational Truth Multipliers

Basically, the Law of Organizational Truth Multipliers says that any message released publicly by an organization has about a 50% truth quotient if said message underlies a negative truth, and a 200% truth quotient if said message underlies a positive truth.

The reason for these multipliers is based on the truth-threshold, or “what actually happened”. If what-actually-happened is going to be a problem for any organization (defined as a group of 10 or more extra-organizationally nameless individuals whose livelyhood depends in the organizational identification more than the personal, individual identification), then the members of the organization will, as a unit, agree generally to only release half the truth publicly.

If, however, what-actually-happened is, in fact, beneficial to the organization, then the truth as released publicly will generally be exactly twice the actual truth.

Try it out:

– The BP Louisiana Oil Well disaster: BP says what any basic engineer would know is only half the truth: the oil spill is much worse than they say. Same with the Exxon Valdez.

– The Economic Collapse: those involved, when pressured publicly, only release half the truth about how bad they know it is. Here, the reason isnt exactly to avoid the truth per se, as in the case of environmental disasters like the above, but because they see it as primarily a way to make money off of betting the knowledge-spread for a coming disaster.

– Any Coming Technological Improvements: you can always add around twice the amount of time business PR departments say they are going to deliver working consumer products, or, alternately, you can guarantee if they release it on time, it will be almost 50% buggy.

Who knows. Statistics are always almost 50% manipulable. Which is why Earth is always exactly 200% doomed.

April 30, 2010
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