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(Oct.01.09) -

Dr Ronald Chevalier, Fraud & Plagarist?  ---»


Apparantly theres some hullaballo regarding Dr Ronald Chevalier plagiarizing some young innocents texts for his new scifaiku navel Brutus and Balzaak. This is disturbing news and comes not only via Nairobi but also via email chain letters from my relatives in Wyoming that I never knew I had relatives in Wyoming but theres at least […]

(Oct.01.09) -

Ugh. Socially Paradigmed Authorship Metaspace Vooks.  ---»


Mod Down: A new form of “Hybrid Book” is being designed by (a) marketing firm(s) who believe they have seen the future of writing, and it is the “VOOK” [btw, ‘vook’ is the name of the company, ™]. The ‘Vooks’ started out as multimedia self-help books, fittingly, and look towards a future where authors as […]

(Nov.01.08) -

Brain Altering Technology Altering Brain Altering Technology  ---»


As stated here and here, the ancestral cognitive scientific function of brain altering technology altering brain altering technology altering brain altering… well, you understand. However, brain scientists are still waiting to see whether the Brain Gap, as the delta between the past brain and the present, altered brain is referred to as, whether the bRain […]

(Oct.27.08) -

Dr. Ronald Chevalier  ---»


The Good Dr. Ronald Chevalier For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the science fiction “authors author” scene, the estimable name of Dr. Ronald Chevalier may be unfamiliar to you. However, to legions of young science fiction authors since the dawn of time, when mankind still walked on legs of fish, the name of […]

(Mar.01.08) -

Friends, Technology, Black Holes  ---»


Maths question of the day: A friend recently acquired three capabilities: a cellphone, text messaging, and a facebook account. Another friend has zero capabilities: no cellphone, text messaging, or a facebook account, but does have one linkedin account. Assuming a rate of new capability growth being added to the social queue at a speed of […]

(Dec.31.99) -

World still here?  ---»


i used all my batteries at the party tonite in battery operated disco balls and little sparking robots and now realize i may need some so if anyone in nova scotia can fly ahead of the y2k time bubble curve of doom heading our way with some batteries ill trade a couple pieces of wood […]

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