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Currently Targeting... pmog v megaphone v monochrom v the man

pmog v megaphone v monochrom v the man

The rangefinding of games ability to target users is on the increase. Like pirate ship, the classic TI Programmable led calculator range-finding game (+.051! Direct Hit!), game players in the statisticalized demographic sphere spanning pure matrix-fed-battery-being-web-addict to web-addict-with-cellphone-mobile-addiction to full on pure-life-junkies are increasingly on the radar. [except for the last one, which just gets thrown out of the party.] But luckily, most of these seem to be coming out of small independent efforts not yet snapped up by megacorpinc. A groovy sign of anti-square hope and sunbeams, or a grave soon to be filled with the heavy soil of the machinewar of death and mustardgas?

March 11, 2008
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