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(Mar.10.08) -

etech08 exposing the APIs of invisible things in pandoras box  ---»


Left the hermitage for a couple days and pandora box lunched it at etech08 an oreilly thing in san diego. A fun blend of terror and optimism. Of note: drugs in water leads to Drink Pee, a home based pharmaceutical filter thats turns your own urine into safe houseplant fertilizer; the api’s of invisible things […]

(Mar.01.08) -

Friends, Technology, Black Holes  ---»


Maths question of the day: A friend recently acquired three capabilities: a cellphone, text messaging, and a facebook account. Another friend has zero capabilities: no cellphone, text messaging, or a facebook account, but does have one linkedin account. Assuming a rate of new capability growth being added to the social queue at a speed of […]

(Feb.04.08) -

Libraries, the new Sanitorium  ---»


are the primary consumers of public libraries becoming the homeless and destitute?  as governmental deregulation moves inexoribly  forward, public spaces that exist thru municipal or governmental funding vectors get permeated like a swiss cheese by private forces looking for any untapped micro-market. The event horizon is approaching when libraries are used mostly by the homeless. […]

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