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(Oct.22.10) -

The Slits, Ari Up, down…  ---»


Totally Losh. RIP.

(Dec.12.09) -

Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus at Rubin  ---»


Now at the Rubin museum in new york, in its holistic-y but nice innersanctum, Jungs red book as previously discussed, also made the slideshow area of the nytimes today. Not many pics but still looks interesting. wtfk? Still, the space will be around till feb sometime… unless the disemvoweling crowd gets hld f t bfr […]

(Oct.01.09) -

Ugh. Socially Paradigmed Authorship Metaspace Vooks.  ---»


Mod Down: A new form of “Hybrid Book” is being designed by (a) marketing firm(s) who believe they have seen the future of writing, and it is the “VOOK” [btw, ‘vook’ is the name of the company, ™]. The ‘Vooks’ started out as multimedia self-help books, fittingly, and look towards a future where authors as […]

(Sep.16.09) -

Carl G. Jung Red Book (Liber Novus)  ---»


The Jung Red Book, by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, aka Liber Novus (The New Book), soon to be released from Norton ( here on Amazon , $195? Really? Oygh.. NYC psychoanalysis fees in book form?), which will be on display at the Rubin Museum of Art starting oct. 7, has a longwinded explication in the NYT […]

(Mar.01.08) -

W.A. Dwiggins, aka William Addison Dwiggins  ---»


William Addison Dwiggins, also known as W.A. Dwiggins, is one of those severely unrepresented crossmedia obscurantist polymathic creators from the midcentury. His work as an artist and author and printer was primarily overshadowed by the fact of his commercial work who studied under the type designer Frederic W. Goudy, as the proselytizer of a rebirth […]

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