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(Apr.16.10) -

life and health insurance owned $1.9 billion worth of stock in the fast-food industry  ---»


From the edge of the edge, we praise the forward thinking of those who hedge their bets in the current system: Companies providing life and health insurance owned $1.9 billion worth of stock in the fast-food industry – Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Burger King, Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and others), and […]

(Mar.21.10) -

Justice Clarence Thomas Wife: “Liberty Central, Inc” Teaparty  ---»


By the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who brought you the following prescience from last April, 2009: “How can you not reminisce about a childhood where you began each day with the Pledge of Allegiance as little kids lined up in the schoolyard and then marched in two by two with a flag and a […]

(Jan.26.10) -

Conservative Pimp Activist  ---»


Conservative Pimp Activist.

(Sep.20.09) -

Mensroom Attendants  ---»


Mensroom attendants needed a.s.a.p. for chain of upscale gentlemens clubs (topless entertainment) in Manhattan. Training and supplies provided. Non-janitorial. Great job for students or aspiring artists. Please reply with resume, phone contact, and any questions. Dribble found on craigslist. Make sure you have your resume looking goooood! Also, be sure to spellchek, interviewers look at […]

(Apr.05.09) -

OnTheMedia Roundup: Future looks… Warped  ---»


Ignoring the fringe futurists and dedicated transhumanists and most timeclock punching religious visionaries momentarily, generally hard working and blue collar scientists have begun the difficult work on the question of what technology does to our brain. Recalling fondly the Lyotard perspective on the Android Brain, and making sure not to confuse it with the ambient […]

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