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(Oct.22.10) -

The Slits, Ari Up, down…  ---»


Totally Losh. RIP.

(Oct.15.10) -

Infinities 1: Mandlebrot, 0  ---»


It does look like Benoit Mandelbrot has died. Can it be true? Just when he was getting into the deep stuff. Oh, I forgot: deep stuff can be infinitely deep. Goodbye…

(Apr.08.10) -

Malcolm McLaren Dead  ---»


The funeral tones of Big Ben are a little less in your face: Malcolm McLaren died today in Switzerland. His init obituary from the Times: 2:45 p.m. | Malcolm McLaren, the impresario, promoter and self-promoter who once claimed to have invented punk rock, and who assembled and managed the youthful, unruly members of the Sex […]

(Jan.28.10) -

JD Salinger Dead, Funeral on Rye  ---»


JD Salinger died today in Cornish, NH. “Pencey was full of crooks. Quite a few guys came from these wealthy families, but it was full of crooks anyway. The more expensive a school is, the more crooks it has – I’m not kidding.” – Holden Caulfield As regards possible events following his death, Salinger apparently […]

(Dec.15.09) -

Oral Roberts Died  ---»


From the times, looks like Oral Roberts has died, unstated when funeral will be: TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Oral Roberts, the evangelist who rose from humble tent revivals to found a multimillion-dollar ministry and a university bearing his name, died Tuesday. He was 91. Roberts died of complications from pneumonia in Newport Beach, Calif., according […]

(Nov.03.09) -

Claude Levi-Strauss, Funeral Anthropologist, dead at 100  ---»


Claude Levi-Strauss has died at 100… anthropologist and the premier founder of unstructurable structuralism. From his obituary (nytimes): “The thirst for objective knowledge,” he wrote, “is one of the most neglected aspects of the thought of people we call ‘primitive.’ ” The world of primitive tribes was fast disappearing, he wrote. From 1900 to 1950, […]

(Aug.26.09) -

Edward Kennedy  ---»


Edward Kennedy died of a brain tumor late Tuesday, August 25, at age 77. * Shamefully we now learn that Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management. * Make no mistake about it! There is an organized movement against organized labor and it’s called the Bush Administration. * The Republicans are looking after […]

(Apr.19.09) -

JG Ballard, Sad Day for Funerals  ---»


J.G. Ballard’s death today of a long illness seems to wager the question, what did he really die of? what does anyone really die of? The future? The past? According to the BBC, who refer to (nee) James Graham Ballard, aka JG, as a “cult author”, Ballard was, well, a cult author, and yet: His […]

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