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(Dec.20.07) -

Chuang Tzu says  ---»


: “The emporer of the South Sea was called Shu [breif], the emporer of the north seas was called Hu [sudden], and the emporer of the central region was called ‘hun-tun” [chaos]. shu and hu from time to time came together for a meeting in the territory of hun-tun, and hun-tun greeted them very generously. […]

(May.18.07) -

Cybrids eat Hybrid  ---»


no longer is hybrid the term-de-plume for contemporary cyborgs. The new term Cybrid has eaten its predecessor in genetic engineering to stand in for an embryo created by combining genetic material from humans with eggs. eggs.

(Jan.27.07) -

Tales Vol I  ---»


It’s out! The publisher is a small outfit who seems to mostly sell financial books, but its nice to have someone at the firm who at first went to the trouble of contacting me out of the blue, (the green?), and then, in the process, advocating for me. Ive ended up with an agent, a […]

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