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(Feb.04.12) -

Fresh Water Contamination by Rising Sea Levels  ---»


As sea levels rise, saltwater can contaminate sources of freshwater near coastal cities and towns. When too much saltwater seeps into lakes, rivers or the soil, the water becomes undrinkable and unusable for agriculture. Nearly 635 million people – one out of every 10 people in the world today – live in low-lying coastal areas […]

(Oct.22.10) -

The Slits, Ari Up, down…  ---»


Totally Losh. RIP.

(Apr.14.10) -

John Schoenherr, Artist Emeritus  ---»


Sadly, John Schoenherr, the artist known for Dune, Anne McCaffrey’s “Weyr Search” and “Dragonrider,”, and early Analog science fiction magazine covers (under John W. Campbell Jr. and Ben Bova), died recently on April 8, 2010. He did an incredible amount of childrens books and art, including the excellent “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen and several […]

(Apr.14.10) -

China Earthquake, Qinghai, 7.1, Hundreds Dead  ---»


A shallow, 7.1 Chinese earthquake in northwest China, near Tibet, has killed at least 400 people, with injured 8,000, and an unknown number still buried under building rubble and debris. Details about the rescue efforts are starting to come in, with rescue squads from Chengdu already arriving. At least one vocational college has collapsed entirely. […]

(Apr.08.10) -

Malcolm McLaren Dead  ---»


The funeral tones of Big Ben are a little less in your face: Malcolm McLaren died today in Switzerland. His init obituary from the Times: 2:45 p.m. | Malcolm McLaren, the impresario, promoter and self-promoter who once claimed to have invented punk rock, and who assembled and managed the youthful, unruly members of the Sex […]

(Jan.28.10) -

JD Salinger Dead, Funeral on Rye  ---»


JD Salinger died today in Cornish, NH. “Pencey was full of crooks. Quite a few guys came from these wealthy families, but it was full of crooks anyway. The more expensive a school is, the more crooks it has – I’m not kidding.” – Holden Caulfield As regards possible events following his death, Salinger apparently […]

(Jan.12.10) -

Haiti Earthquake  ---»


A 7.3 earthquake has hit 10 miles from Haiti capital, and tsunami warnings have been issued. Death tolls expected to be in the 1000’s. 3 million affected, mostly surrounding Port Au Prince. President Obama is supposed to speak on the earthquake. What a difference in disaster response (or more like a lack of denial) than […]

(Dec.15.09) -

Oral Roberts Died  ---»


From the times, looks like Oral Roberts has died, unstated when funeral will be: TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Oral Roberts, the evangelist who rose from humble tent revivals to found a multimillion-dollar ministry and a university bearing his name, died Tuesday. He was 91. Roberts died of complications from pneumonia in Newport Beach, Calif., according […]

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