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(Aug.31.10) -

Resistive Redux? End with the Tramp…  ---»


Looks like HP has announced their resistive version of memory… ala Frank Herberts Programap? Anyway, start the day off with ReRAM, Resistive Random Access Memory, end it with the Tramp?

(Sep.21.09) -

Found Item: Gikii 4, Amsterdam  ---»


There never seems to be enough talk, or theres always too much talk, (hard to say) about Law and technology, probably because everyones so busy practicing it, or thinking about it, and unfortunately, rarely the twain shall meet. Along the lines of trying to meet up more, but only found in retrospect, seems an interesting […]

(Dec.15.08) -

Transparent resistive random access memory for nonvolatile resistive switching  ---»


AKA, see through, transparent computing (at least the nonvolatile memory part). I know I know, a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device is so not going to be available for xmas/haunuk/etc/whatever, but check it out when it finally hits the shelves: The futures always been about the invisible, transparent man, the invisible transparent […]

(Nov.06.08) -

Skynet Threat Update ID: 34491  ---»


Skynet Threat Update Tracker for Nov. 5, 2008: Ecophagy DRE-700 Perhaps the earliest-recognized and best-known danger of molecular nanotechnology is the risk that self-replicating nanorobots capable of functioning autonomously in the natural environment could quickly convert that natural environment (e.g., “biomass”) into replicas of themselves (e.g., “nanomass”) on a global basis, a scenario usually referred […]

(Nov.01.08) -

Brain Altering Technology Altering Brain Altering Technology  ---»


As stated here and here, the ancestral cognitive scientific function of brain altering technology altering brain altering technology altering brain altering… well, you understand. However, brain scientists are still waiting to see whether the Brain Gap, as the delta between the past brain and the present, altered brain is referred to as, whether the bRain […]

(Oct.10.08) -

Henry van de Velde: I Love Machines  ---»


Henry van de Velde once said: “I love machines; they are like creatures of a higher order. Intelligence has freed them of all the woes and joys which are the lot of the human body in its activity and its exhaustion. Machines on their concrete bases act like serenely meditating Buddhas, squatting on their timeless […]

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