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(Apr.06.09) -

Michael Crichton, Publishing from the Grave  ---»


Pirate Latitudes and a Technological Thriller… it looks like Micheal Crichton, the recently departed author of addictive airport classics and comic-book style novellas dealing with technology and the human, will be releasing a couple of posthumous novels…. they will be ghostwritten, skynet-ish-wise, by a ghost writer selected by the publisher, by Lynn Nesbit (Mr. Crichton’s […]

(Mar.25.09) -

New Virtual World Currency  ---»


Joining the ever continuous push for a new, non-US dominated world currency standard, China, home to one of the larger mmorpg virtual economy infrastructures, is calling for what more than a few G20 developing nations have already called for: remove the US Dollar, and any specific countries currency, from the valuation peg for world currencies: […]

(Jan.04.09) -

Mobvis, Internet of Things, and Revenge of the Hyperlink  ---»


Fears of the marriage between the concept of Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of Things promoting skynet scenarios for the benefit of an adocracy or geek-elite are highlighted by a recent cool article on MOBVIS, one of a slew of mobile visualization and hyperlinking the real world application/platforms: European researchers working on the MOBVIS project […]

(Oct.17.08) -

Ernst Bloch  ---»


Ernst Bloch on exposing the failure of the Democratic process in the face of recent Republican strategies, updated from 1932, to relate better to the eternal political use of the “Joe the Plumber”, aka “Joe Six-Pack”, syndrome: “First, one must distinguish the falsely from the genuinely nonsynchronous contradiction, the latter from the synchronous contradiction, and […]

(May.03.08) -

Memristor Prototypes Built  ---»


HP Labs has apparently built a working model of a memristor, a fourth type of electrical circuit component that apparently will allow for building hardware type brains. yeah ok. but will they survive the memristor run blogosphere? good question. whatev.

(Apr.15.08) -

Pictures Images of the Pope Landing in America  ---»


pope pix! picture 1: wealth and gold wearing white gangsta outfit – sharp! picture 2: red carpet vip clubbing chilling with alcoholic president bush picture 3: hot young drunk daughter of the prez cold mackin with the gold wearers image 4: press snappins of the celebrities waiting for hot paparazzi messups image 5: world hunger […]

(Feb.06.08) -

Black holes of Consciousness  ---»


as everything grinds toward the infinitely extending event horizon of being known, its easy to forget those disturbing little black holes of the unknown. Phenomena like LOLcats are examples that are fun to consider. yet is there not a little twinge of disturbance, of blackness and fear, in confronting them? the explications of the phenomena […]

(Jan.26.04) -

The Scientific Story of Progress… So Far  ---»


Classic excerpts from far too under-appreciated Jean Francois Lyotard texts: “In the immensity of the cosmos, it happened that the energy distributed by chance into particles re­grouped here and there into bodies. These bodies con­stituted isolated systems, galaxies, stars. They disposed of a finite quantity of energy. They used this energy to maintain themselves as […]

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