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(May.05.10) -

All your Facespace belong to Facebook  ---»


New facebook chat exploit highlights, ad naseum, the importance of educating users about the breakdown of privacy rules into the “triple privacy protection” matrix: 1). privacy through publicly: “everybody does it” arguement 2). privacy through obscurity: “i dont do it” 3). privacy through obfuscation: “we cant be sure who is really doing it.” oyp.

(Sep.21.09) -

Found Item: Gikii 4, Amsterdam  ---»


There never seems to be enough talk, or theres always too much talk, (hard to say) about Law and technology, probably because everyones so busy practicing it, or thinking about it, and unfortunately, rarely the twain shall meet. Along the lines of trying to meet up more, but only found in retrospect, seems an interesting […]

(Mar.02.09) -

Brainy Devices and the UnFun World  ---»


Hot on the heels is an article on what theyre calling “brainy devices”. Whats up with the standard boring world these people, so-called “designers” getting paid so much to make boring stuff even more boring? Its like, they just decide, “well just make the boring stuff”. What kind of business model is that? the boring […]

(Dec.14.08) -

Bush to Shoe: Shoe to Face: Face to Bush: Anyone There?  ---»


Shoe thrown at face? “Its an expression of something positive.. an important step on the road to an Iraq that can sustain itself, support itself, and defend itself.” Size 10 words… . Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> . The shoe thrower/reporter was Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television. Its also little reported, […]

(Nov.01.08) -

Brain Altering Technology Altering Brain Altering Technology  ---»


As stated here and here, the ancestral cognitive scientific function of brain altering technology altering brain altering technology altering brain altering… well, you understand. However, brain scientists are still waiting to see whether the Brain Gap, as the delta between the past brain and the present, altered brain is referred to as, whether the bRain […]

(Oct.27.08) -

Dr. Ronald Chevalier  ---»


The Good Dr. Ronald Chevalier For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the science fiction “authors author” scene, the estimable name of Dr. Ronald Chevalier may be unfamiliar to you. However, to legions of young science fiction authors since the dawn of time, when mankind still walked on legs of fish, the name of […]

(Dec.20.07) -

Chuang Tzu says  ---»


: “The emporer of the South Sea was called Shu [breif], the emporer of the north seas was called Hu [sudden], and the emporer of the central region was called ‘hun-tun” [chaos]. shu and hu from time to time came together for a meeting in the territory of hun-tun, and hun-tun greeted them very generously. […]

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