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(Sep.18.08) -

Frank Herbert: Without Me, Youre Nothing  ---»


Update: October 8th is Frank Herberts Birthday! Found: One Old Book by One Frank Herbert. Browsing through old thriftstore bins on a recent trip to the bay area, i tracked this gem: Frank Herbert (r.i.p.) writing The Essential Guide to Home Computers. Title: “Without Me, You’re Nothing“. (selected pictures below: click to biggify).     […]

(Apr.30.08) -

Albert Hoffman, LSD Strange Shape, Acid Dies  ---»


ok, so the inventor of LSD, also known as acid, died at 102 years old. Albert Hoffman, who lived in Basel, Switzerland, was a part of Danger!, and a part of bicycle day, while working for Sandoz. Mr. Hoffman once stated the world suffered from “materialism, alienation from nature through industrialization and increasing urbanization, lack […]

(Mar.26.08) -

Bat Deaths  ---»


Humans question. Humans discover. I found a dead bat and proceeded to do both. Then I found another dead bat. Then two of them curled up in my woodstove, dead. Update and Note: If youve found a dead bat, whether it indicates white nose syndrome or not,  the best overall resource for dealing with them […]

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