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Ankh and the MetaReal World of David Van Brink

ankhI do not know how many others were affected by the game I remembered which turns out to have been Ankh, [disk img and emulator], an early apple II and commodore 64 game which, nonetheless, still remains in my mind one of the most forward looking games i have ever played. of course, the mind was young and supple then… in effect, MetaReal was the Portal pre-cursor, but done in exceptional taste with nothing but blocky multicolor graphix. Im embarrassed to say I think it may have been copied, as in, not an officially purchased boxed set from Datamost, the apparent publishers of Ankh in 1984, because i have never seen the box until now, (pic above). The creator turns out to be David Van Brink a hardware hacker amongst other things. only props go out. They dont make em like they used to.

ANKH by David Van Brink , published by Datamost, 1984

64 Rooms: An Adventure in the MetaReal World

I am Ankh. The ultimate puzzle. I am under your control. I obey all
commands. Do with me what you will. Travel through my MetaReal World
and you will unlock many secrets. Many reflections of reflections. But
be warned–my puzzles are not easy. Many months may pass before you
solve all my puzzles and reach the last room. To be successful, you
will have to stretch your powers to the limit. Remember–there are 64
rooms…and only one solution.

March 10, 2008
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