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(Oct.01.09) -

Ugh. Socially Paradigmed Authorship Metaspace Vooks.  ---»


Mod Down: A new form of “Hybrid Book” is being designed by (a) marketing firm(s) who believe they have seen the future of writing, and it is the “VOOK” [btw, ‘vook’ is the name of the company, ™]. The ‘Vooks’ started out as multimedia self-help books, fittingly, and look towards a future where authors as […]

(Sep.25.08) -

Crusoe Originator, End of an Era?  ---»


Apparently, Transmeta is for sale. I must confess that I am currently working on my ancient crusoe-based laptop, which has far outlasted the standard consumer-churn metrics by lightyears. And while it may be a sign of the times that softspots in hearts can now be reserved for corporate-ontological socioeconomic structures, sobeit. The thing itself, almost […]

(May.12.08) -

PMOG out and about  ---»


As previously discussed, PMOG represents one of those new (read: steampunk aesthetic) hybrids of metalayer MMO acronym-laden game categories which may pose a real danger when the base technology innovation starts being used as advertising vectors by The Man (or men, or women). Where does life end and the market begin? Philosophy is great for […]

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