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(Jan.26.10) -

Ailes vs Times: Phone Tapping Tampers  ---»


Classic case of independent bagging: the recent attempt at phone tampering of Senator Mary Landrieu’s phone. The first two headlines? Filmmaker Who Targeted ACORN Arrested in Alleged Senate Phone Scheme [F(ear) O(f) X(verybody) News] – Clearly, a cultural, whistleblowing hero is being persecuted for an alleged attempt to expose a corrupt Senator. 4 Arrested in […]

(Oct.06.09) -

Video on commodification of the mind  ---»


Interesting video of a law professor talking about how pharmaceutical co’s have set up these virtual marketplaces to get stuff done… As companies learn the advantages of third-party, virtual labor, Jonathan Zittrain believes that the human mind is becoming commodified as a sort of “ubiquitous computer.” [link] But aside from the “Prize” economy (what the […]

(Sep.25.09) -

Iran: Second Nuclear Facility  ---»


Rise of the Idiots. Like a bunch of 2-year olds circling in on burning fire or a vicious dog, world leaders try to rein in the children of the cold war again… in the news: Iran has had a second Uranium Enrichment facility for awhile… President Obama and the leaders of Britain and France will […]

(Sep.19.09) -

Links to Al-Qaeda  ---»


Clearly, youve already used one getting here! Others are easy enough to find… on the news today of the recent arrests of some more people here in the US over their visiting training camps, learning about terrorist techniques etc etc, its a wonder that, if all these camps are so easy to visit, why we […]

(Oct.28.08) -

Shielding Government from the effects of Free Speech  ---»


Being reported this am: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and a group of human rights and public interest organizations plan to introduce Wednesday a global code of conduct that they say will better protect online free speech and privacy against government intrusion. The principles are the starting point for a new effort, called the Global Network […]

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