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(May.05.10) -

First world to third world in under 60: Greece, markets, and tech  ---»


The Greece problem is another fascinating insight into the variability of markets, and a model to hypothesize about the impacts of various changes on how market swings are exacerbated or slowed by technologies. In part, what it comes down to is a similar problem facing consumers: everybody wants to make it about Greece, the consumer, […]

(Apr.08.10) -

HP on Memristors: Replace Transistors, Flash Drives?  ---»


Memristors, that weird missing 4th type of electronic circuit and poster child for smaller, faster computer memory, are in the news again with new abilities: apparently, not only are they on course to double storage capacity in half the time flash and ssd drives will, but now they can also do some basic logic right […]

(Sep.28.09) -

Four Degrees, 50 Years, Climate Change  ---»


New Global Warming study out: four degrees c rise within 50 years suddenly plausible. Living in a world of predictive studies is great: its like living out an entirely new reality every study. The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, in an event at Oxford, said they are looking at 4 degrees C rise […]

(Sep.08.09) -

China makes Big Deal over Solar  ---»


Interesting news today that a US solar energy company, First Solar, and China have arranged a deal to build a massive 2000 megawatt solar farm out in the Mongolian desert. Thats pretty darn big. China hopes to produce 2 gigawatts of solar energy by 2011 and 10 to 20 gigawatts by 2020, up from a […]

(Sep.02.09) -

Station LA Fires Videos from Apocalypse Simulation  ---»


Hot on the heels of the LA Station Fires comes the latest in disaster visualization technologies. In the olden days, we only had Hieronymous Bosch and Albrecht Durer to help visualize apocalypse type environments. Later on we had film, and of course, lately youtube has been picking up the slack, most notably in Katrina. But […]

(Dec.15.08) -

Transparent resistive random access memory for nonvolatile resistive switching  ---»


AKA, see through, transparent computing (at least the nonvolatile memory part). I know I know, a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device is so not going to be available for xmas/haunuk/etc/whatever, but check it out when it finally hits the shelves: The futures always been about the invisible, transparent man, the invisible transparent […]

(Oct.29.08) -

Obama: Environmental President  ---»


Clear evidence has emerged that Barack Obama would be the leader between the two candidates in the fight against global warming. Global Warming Chart: Presidential Perspectives on Global Warming: As this global warming chart clearly shows, the decline in the 19th and 20th century of Pirates has contributed directly to Global Warming. And as this […]

(Oct.24.08) -

Bill McKibben, Jeremy Rifkin on Deep Economy, Efficiency  ---»


Two interesting selections from McKibben’s Deep Economy: []…the U.S. Gini coefficient has risen steadily since the late 1960s, to the point where many economists believe wealth is more stratified today than any time since the Gilded Age. And that Gini gap will continue to grow: the 2006 round of tax cuts delivers 70 percent of […]

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