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(Sep.28.09) -

Four Degrees, 50 Years, Climate Change  ---»


New Global Warming study out: four degrees c rise within 50 years suddenly plausible. Living in a world of predictive studies is great: its like living out an entirely new reality every study. The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, in an event at Oxford, said they are looking at 4 degrees C rise […]

(Sep.18.08) -

Oliver Sacks Podcast on Mania, Madness, Memoirs  ---»


The New York Review of Books has an interesting podcast page up, apparently ushering in the new age of interconnected cellphone facebook video novellas and streaming hyperembeddable media vertical integrations with some good old-fashioned personal one-on-one interviews. The latest is an interview by Eve Bowen of the NYRB with Oliver Sacks, the renown Neurologist/Author/etc/etc/etc. about […]

(Apr.30.08) -

Bat Disease and Bat Deaths  ---»


Having written previously about Bat Deaths, a new worry seems to be the spread of the dread white fungus, or white nose, syndrome. Colony collapse? hope against the pope its not. Now found in Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, the white nose syndrome may be a new kind of bat disease leading […]

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