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(Aug.31.10) -

Resistive Redux? End with the Tramp…  ---»


Looks like HP has announced their resistive version of memory… ala Frank Herberts Programap? Anyway, start the day off with ReRAM, Resistive Random Access Memory, end it with the Tramp?

(Aug.10.10) -

Cold War  ---»


Dunno if anyone remembers a little thing called the Cold War, it was that stuff that pretty much Destroyed the World for a couple decades: Cold War (Kholodnaya voyna), 1947–1991: The Cold War – the Berlin Blockade (1948–1949), the Korean War (1950–1953), the Berlin Crisis of 1961, the Vietnam War (1959–1975), the Cuban Missile Crisis […]

(May.14.10) -

Janelle Monae on NPR: Arch Android, Science Fiction  ---»


The Janelle Monae audio interview on NPR today (audio below): “We like to think of The ArchAndroid as an ’emotion picture’ for the mind…”, and she discusses the term “Thrivals”, Octavia Butler, and.. welljustlisten: In an interview with All Things Considered host Michele Norris, Monae talked about the role of fantasy and magic in her […]

(May.09.10) -

Kendl Glxy  ---»


Hivedwellers: The Comet Observatory is a spaceship which contains six themed domes that provide access to the forty-two galaxies available in the game. When the player first begins the game, access is available to only a few galaxies. However, as more Power Stars are collected, more galaxies become available to the player. Some galaxies are […]

(Apr.30.10) -

Philip K Dick Exegesis set for 168000 hour 3D Biopic  ---»


All the chatter focused on the the recent publication date of The Exegesis of Philip K Dick by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (aka, In the Pursuit of VALIS: Selections from the Exegesis), shepherded for years by his daughters, Laura Leslie, and Lisa Dick Hackett, kind of overshadows the mention that Houghton Mifflin also bought up the […]

(Apr.14.10) -

Janelle Monae – “The ArchAndroid” Trailer  ---»


Yes, Janelle Monae (all posts), the best of the tuxed Mayweather freedom fighters, has a new trailer on the back of her must-watch Tightrope asylum freshness… the Arch Android, BIA: Janelle Monae – “The ArchAndroid” Trailer (Monae Interview) and YES, thats a CITY ON HER HAT….

(Mar.31.10) -

Janelle Monae, Carla Bley, (and a little Tightrope – Asylum)  ---»


If youve ever listened the the classic “Escalator over the Hill” by early female impresario Carla Bley, you know that the position of genius, big-concept, female composer/performer has been severely under-represented in the history of creation. Luckily, the new performer Janelle Monae (interview), (all posts) seems to be stepping up to the plate. While she’s […]

(Jan.06.10) -

China Youth design Android-ed Iphone Knockoff in Record Time  ---»


A great post from CES 2010 coverage details how fast and smart the youth hackable movement is, especially in China. The big question everyone wants to know how to ignore seems to be, replicating mp3’s and windows 7, ok, but replicating hardware manufacturing and design? Of course, who knows which app store it will be […]

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