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(Jun.30.08) -

Algae bloom threatens heroic sailor image  ---»


The recent Chinese algae bloom in the port city of Qingdao, combined with the late 20th century ultra-hi tech (and playground of the wealthy) yacht industry advances, has brought up the question in a recent discussion if we need to start preserving the DNA of heroic sailors. Or even if its possible to find it. […]

(Mar.13.08) -

Joseph Weizenbaum Eliza Blobituary  ---»


Joseph Weizenbaum: whats happening to me? Eliza: why do you feel that way? Joseph Weizenbaum: i feel like ice cream Eliza: do you like to feel like ice cream? Joseph Weizenbaum: theres a light, should i go towards it? Eliza: how would i know? you made me! Joseph Weizenbaum: damnable profanity… Eliza: Would you like […]

(Mar.02.08) -

fathers and mothers and technology  ---»


“Welcome, egg[x]head. Your father and your mother are in your social network,” i was informed upon arriving at a certain social networking site. Not really, but i expect it to be true soon. In fact i predict a horde of Your Father and Your Mother identities may soon flood certain sites. The problem this hypothetical […]

(Feb.29.08) -

Crow Vending: 2 please  ---»


While some make tools for animals and nature to fight back, a tech hack named Joshua Klein has created a crow vending machine which puts forward the argument that training animals can be mutually beneficial. From our point of view, at least. Using the bluntest of psychological techniques, the Skinnerian methods, the machine trains crows […]

(May.18.07) -

Cybrids eat Hybrid  ---»


no longer is hybrid the term-de-plume for contemporary cyborgs. The new term Cybrid has eaten its predecessor in genetic engineering to stand in for an embryo created by combining genetic material from humans with eggs. eggs.

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