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(Dec.15.08) -

Transparent resistive random access memory for nonvolatile resistive switching  ---»


AKA, see through, transparent computing (at least the nonvolatile memory part). I know I know, a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device is so not going to be available for xmas/haunuk/etc/whatever, but check it out when it finally hits the shelves: The futures always been about the invisible, transparent man, the invisible transparent […]

(Nov.01.08) -

Self Sustaining Prisons Survive : Future Fast Forward  ---»


Apparently, in the future, when everything else has crumbled, self-sustaining prisons will stand like isolated kingdoms on their hills. What was once unescapable from the inside will become unapproachable from without. These tiny feifdoms will proliferate in a hostile environment not by spreading horizontally, but vertically, downward. Like long term spaceship planning, they contain bees, […]

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