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(May.16.10) -

BP oil volcano, flow estimates, engineers, and logic  ---»


Checking out some of the latest missives in the BP oillspill PR campaign, theres just something blatantly wrong with a recent statement made by BP about measuring oilflow volumes, thats frankly quite insulting to engineers. Please. Engineers working on stopping a volumetric flow are not concerned with measuring it? That might explain all their failures […]

(Apr.30.10) -

Robert F Kennedy, Class Action lawsuit against Feds on behalf of Louisiana Fishermen?  ---»


Just a rumor, but still, good to see… Robert F Kennedy jr and the Riverkeepers Waterkeepers alliance taking on a class action lawsuit against the Government on behalf of commercial fisheries? Aside from the weirdness of supporting an industry generally hostile to environmental causes, someones gotta take on these oilsoaked single-perspective engineers and the CEO’s […]

(Apr.14.10) -

2nd Icelandic Volcano Erupts, 800 evacs  ---»


800 people were evacuated yesterday when an Icelandic volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull (nearby the Myrdalsjokull glacier field) erupted, right after some small, 1 and 2 magnitude earthquakes, its being reported. The volcano is under the glacial fields, and about 100 miles east of Reykjavik, Iceland. This is also the same volcano that first erupted this […]

(Apr.14.10) -

China Earthquake, Qinghai, 7.1, Hundreds Dead  ---»


A shallow, 7.1 Chinese earthquake in northwest China, near Tibet, has killed at least 400 people, with injured 8,000, and an unknown number still buried under building rubble and debris. Details about the rescue efforts are starting to come in, with rescue squads from Chengdu already arriving. At least one vocational college has collapsed entirely. […]

(Feb.04.10) -

Petrolia, Eureka 6.0 California Earthquake  ---»


A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit offshore of Eureka, Northern California, Humboldt County, around 12:20 pst, no injuries reported… (other recent California earthquakes) Magnitude 6.0 Date-Time * Thursday, February 04, 2010 at 20:20:21 UTC * Thursday, February 04, 2010 at 12:20:21 PM at epicenter Location 40.431°N, 124.929°W Depth 11.2 km (7.0 miles) Region OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA […]

(Jan.19.10) -

Polls close on close polls as pols poll pols  ---»


Ahh, the sweet smell of… freedom. Favorite term of “independents”, independent of the polarity solutions of the defining social groupings. Free as in free as in Nietzschfree. Funny thing about polarity, you always hear about it under another guise, “civilian casualties”, during moments of true polarity. Independents arent a true third position, just the most […]

(Jan.12.10) -

Haiti Earthquake  ---»


A 7.3 earthquake has hit 10 miles from Haiti capital, and tsunami warnings have been issued. Death tolls expected to be in the 1000’s. 3 million affected, mostly surrounding Port Au Prince. President Obama is supposed to speak on the earthquake. What a difference in disaster response (or more like a lack of denial) than […]

(Jan.05.10) -

Ady Gil Earthrace Demolished by Whaleboat  ---»


Looks like Earthrace Trimaran design Ady Gil has been rammed into submission by a Japanese whaling security detail boat: Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd’s stealth boat Ady Gil has been cut in half by a Japanese security vessel in the Antarctic today, the group’s leader Paul Watson said. The $1.5 million high-tech vessel’s remains were sinking, […]

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