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(Oct.24.08) -

Black Thursday falls on a Friday: 79 years of Volatility til Reset  ---»


The global stock market recession celebrates the 79th anniversary of Black Thursday with extreme volatility (VIX) fear index highs, dow plunges, and more! Black Thursday, the day the initial stock market crash occurred, (although Black Monday and Black Tuesday get all the infamy), 1929, is often overlooked, because its effects werent felt until after the […]

(May.12.08) -

China Earthquake Damage – Update, Images  ---»


China earthquake measuring a massive 7.8 hit Sichuan’s provincial capital, Chengdu, nearby the Three Gorges Dam, at 0628 GMT. Images below and as they come in. At least 12000 dead is the death toll currently being reported. The networks are extremely spotty. Damage is reported: I wont be updating this page any more. “The sun […]

(Apr.18.08) -

Illinois Earthquake Damage: Pangaea’s Fault  ---»


Illinois Earthquake splits America down the middle! Damage extends from the middle part all the way over to the middle part. People in the middle seem to be taking it in stride: “Not too bad,” they say, “seems all right now.” In other news, George Soros says everyone is fleeing currency. But where are they […]

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