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(Jan.05.10) -

Ady Gil Earthrace Demolished by Whaleboat  ---»


Looks like Earthrace Trimaran design Ady Gil has been rammed into submission by a Japanese whaling security detail boat: Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd’s stealth boat Ady Gil has been cut in half by a Japanese security vessel in the Antarctic today, the group’s leader Paul Watson said. The $1.5 million high-tech vessel’s remains were sinking, […]

(Dec.12.09) -

Geothermal Drilling Earthquakes, fear shuts down geysers project  ---»


Looks like as previously mentioned about the Basel geothermal drilling earthquakes, fear of earthquakes has shut down the largest US geothermal deep fissure project to date. Altarock, a Seattle based startup with over 30 mill in funding, has apparently closed shop on their “Geysers” project: But on Friday, the Energy Department said that AltaRock had […]

(Sep.28.09) -

Four Degrees, 50 Years, Climate Change  ---»


New Global Warming study out: four degrees c rise within 50 years suddenly plausible. Living in a world of predictive studies is great: its like living out an entirely new reality every study. The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, in an event at Oxford, said they are looking at 4 degrees C rise […]

(Sep.23.09) -

Plum Creek, Maine Development, Easter Island  ---»


News in the LA Times about Plum Creek… one of those large private (aka, publicly traded) land-holding companies who, along with environmental land trusts like the Nature Conservancy and other large-scale environmental organizations, find themselves mutually stuck in the process of trying to negotiate the complex landscape of profit/loss, private development management vs. environmental land […]

(Oct.24.08) -

Bill McKibben, Jeremy Rifkin on Deep Economy, Efficiency  ---»


Two interesting selections from McKibben’s Deep Economy: []…the U.S. Gini coefficient has risen steadily since the late 1960s, to the point where many economists believe wealth is more stratified today than any time since the Gilded Age. And that Gini gap will continue to grow: the 2006 round of tax cuts delivers 70 percent of […]

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