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(Oct.15.10) -

Infinities 1: Mandlebrot, 0  ---»


It does look like Benoit Mandelbrot has died. Can it be true? Just when he was getting into the deep stuff. Oh, I forgot: deep stuff can be infinitely deep. Goodbye…

(May.09.10) -

UK Election Outcome Flowchart  ---»


As legislative processes break down and complexity increases, and in tandem with the attempts by technologists to link law, policy, and automated computer programs for justice and government in much the same way that the financial sector was unable to resist the low hanging fruit of the “well ordered algorithm”, the BBC has made available […]

(Oct.06.09) -

Universe has Entropy > 10^104  ---»


New physics calculations have upgraded the Entropy quotient of the universe from a “hold” to a “sell”… …the collective entropy of all the supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies is about 100 times higher than previously calculated. Because supermassive black holes are the largest contributor to cosmic entropy, the finding suggests that the […]

(Mar.03.09) -

Quant who Killed Wall Street?  ---»


Wired article on David X. Li, aka the quant of the Gaussian copula (in)famy… finally getting a little sunshine, along with other underexposed incidents, tertiary bacchanalia and personas sub involvus like Blythe Masters (hyperbole alert: destroyer of worlds?). But, whats with the head lice metaphors? To understand the mathematics of correlation better, consider something simple, […]

(Dec.15.08) -

Transparent resistive random access memory for nonvolatile resistive switching  ---»


AKA, see through, transparent computing (at least the nonvolatile memory part). I know I know, a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device is so not going to be available for xmas/haunuk/etc/whatever, but check it out when it finally hits the shelves: The futures always been about the invisible, transparent man, the invisible transparent […]

(Oct.29.08) -

Obama: Environmental President  ---»


Clear evidence has emerged that Barack Obama would be the leader between the two candidates in the fight against global warming. Global Warming Chart: Presidential Perspectives on Global Warming: As this global warming chart clearly shows, the decline in the 19th and 20th century of Pirates has contributed directly to Global Warming. And as this […]

(May.03.08) -

Memristor Prototypes Built  ---»


HP Labs has apparently built a working model of a memristor, a fourth type of electrical circuit component that apparently will allow for building hardware type brains. yeah ok. but will they survive the memristor run blogosphere? good question. whatev.

(Apr.17.08) -

Edward Lorenz, Chaotic Butterfly Theorist, Departed  ---»


Mr. Lorenz, of the butterfly theory, weatherman and mathematician, wondering whether weather forecasting could weather the confusion over whether or not long term wondering over weather could weather the Lorenz attractor, sent chaos into the forecasting models with butterflies. Like Chuang Tzu before him, who also wondered whethers and wandered and dreamed about butterflies, the […]

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