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(Jan.05.10) -

Nexus One Android, phone or artificial brain?  ---»


Looks like Googles Nexus One made it through the Philip K Dick estate deep freeze: Google worked to introduce 3-D capabilities to the display and collaborated with Cooliris to showcase photos along a slick wall of images. It has also voice-enabled all text boxes in the device, so a user can speak into the device […]

(Mar.18.09) -

AIG Geolocated Bonus Tracker  ---»


For those of you familiar with the prop 8 donor locator scandal and transparency-complication issue, its probably only a matter of time before tools of transparency show their ability to become fullblown tools of dangerous populist sentiment. The recent AIG bailout scandal bonus outrage <pauserant> (good reference read: Hank Greenberg and the History of AIG, […]

(Nov.28.04) -

The Rich  ---»


are getting richer. What is justice in the world of money v. no money. Why is it that science must triumph and move us along not at our behest. It is a classic tale of the strong pushing the weak. There is no justice, there is only the force of those in power and their […]

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