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(Feb.04.12) -

Fresh Water Contamination by Rising Sea Levels  ---»


As sea levels rise, saltwater can contaminate sources of freshwater near coastal cities and towns. When too much saltwater seeps into lakes, rivers or the soil, the water becomes undrinkable and unusable for agriculture. Nearly 635 million people – one out of every 10 people in the world today – live in low-lying coastal areas […]

(Jan.28.12) -

IPCC Third Assessment Report  ---»


IPCC Third Assessment Report

(Sep.23.09) -

Plum Creek, Maine Development, Easter Island  ---»


News in the LA Times about Plum Creek… one of those large private (aka, publicly traded) land-holding companies who, along with environmental land trusts like the Nature Conservancy and other large-scale environmental organizations, find themselves mutually stuck in the process of trying to negotiate the complex landscape of profit/loss, private development management vs. environmental land […]

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