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Grand Theft Auto 4 iv on Finance

Whats the diff between high school required reading novels and high school required playing games? Many detractors love to deride games due to their violence, or some aspect of their narrative or graphical depiction, which are mostly seen as sensationalist pandering to ultraviolence and youth. Ignoring for a moment the power and capital devoted daily to providing endless schlock along the lines of Walt Disney Corp, Hello Kitty, or clothing companies or pharmaceuticals devoted to affecting, profiting off of, and altering the cultural expression of children, one might recall such classics as All Quiet on the Western Front, or Johnny Got His Gun, or F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby, or Our Town. Before you cry out that these have an entirely different intention behind them, and perhaps skill and existential etceteras, I am not comparing them: rather, I am comparing the literature of the era. Current to these classics, there appeared quite a few varieties of pulpish lit, one could easily say more popular and more widely distributed in the era, of lurid tales of slavery, of war, of honor and adventure, which nearly every young orphan readily devoured. Grand Theft Auto 4 IV may be violent, but so were these of old. The corporate intellectual property angle, of course, is Harry Potter. Just because the violence is not magical or imaginary “seeming” in GTA 4 doesnt mean the same old narratives arent at play. The imaginary megalomaniac Potter is about authority and truth to the self and growing and learning: GTA 4 is pretty much the same, it just uses a contemporary urban setting a little too familiar and threatening to adults and zealots. I suppose you wouldnt want to actually talk about the LA Riots with your kids either, its a little too disturbing, (unless, of course, you happened to live in them). Religious zealots imagine hell on earth every day, so why cant some modern urban youth find their own way through current popular narratives in media? Treasure Island and killing Pirates and Terry and the Pirates, and the Brothers Grimm and other youthful, predominantly male, adventure type literature has always embodied an aspect of violence, albeit imaginary or fantastic… so is there a difference here? The only one I can see is that adults must feel the story is somehow too “real”, as if remaking Treasure Island as Lord of the Flies is sacreligious. Can kids handle Lord of the Flies? Good question. Why do so many people jump at the opportunity to make decisions for youth about what is right and wrong, when youth are clearly always engaged in a process of deciding for themselves through conceptual tools adults provide? Im not a big fan of violence or sensationalism but I have no problem discussing fingers being chopped off and how to put them back on in the hospital with youth. Especially when they bring the topic up themselves. But overall, GTA 4 is still one of those massive marketing angles just like Harry Potter or any other Burger King megacorporate property tie-in, so if you have a problem with it, I would hope its for that reason, of massive capital and manipulation, and not some silly one like its too violent for kids. whatev.

April 30, 2008
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