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(Oct.01.09) -

Dr Ronald Chevalier, Fraud & Plagarist?  ---»


Apparantly theres some hullaballo regarding Dr Ronald Chevalier plagiarizing some young innocents texts for his new scifaiku navel Brutus and Balzaak. This is disturbing news and comes not only via Nairobi but also via email chain letters from my relatives in Wyoming that I never knew I had relatives in Wyoming but theres at least […]

(Sep.24.09) -

Market Threat: Talking E-Labels Arrival  ---»


As if there werent enough ambient personalities floating around causing havoc, those pushers of progress… backroom marketing and demographic quants whose job is to convince captains of industry they can sell them the future… are in full effect, probably a side effect of all those out-of-work financial number crunchers who havent gone on to greener […]

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