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(Sep.24.09) -

Kirsten Dunsts $13,000 Legal Purse Saga  ---»


The American Bar Association has an interesting legal tidbit, forwarded from the NY Daily News… Actress Kirsten Dunst was called to the stand in a trial over a mechanic stealing a $13,000 handbag. Good to know that the former Marie Antoinette is spending wisely in these days of how to survive a worldwide recession… best […]

(Sep.21.09) -

Found Item: Gikii 4, Amsterdam  ---»


There never seems to be enough talk, or theres always too much talk, (hard to say) about Law and technology, probably because everyones so busy practicing it, or thinking about it, and unfortunately, rarely the twain shall meet. Along the lines of trying to meet up more, but only found in retrospect, seems an interesting […]

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