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(Sep.26.05) -

Rise of the Idiots  ---»


great article in Sugar Ape from the U.K. on the Rise of the Idiots. Pure idiocy. Got it on boot TV direct from channel 4, Dan Preacher Man Ashcroft… waiting for Wasp t12 upgrade to download. Been waiting on something like this since the dot com boom, er, bust, er, boom… its that pause, the […]

(Sep.03.05) -

A Confederacy of Dunces  ---»


may have been swept out to sea by katrina. Unfortunately, looking at the ocean currents and deep-drift phenomena, they may all beach somewhere around washington d.c. where the breeding conditions are optimal.  Ignatius J. Reilly will avoid this calamity, saved by Fortuna, due to the ability to trap hot air in his heavy tweed pants. […]

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