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(Oct.06.09) -

Universe has Entropy > 10^104  ---»


New physics calculations have upgraded the Entropy quotient of the universe from a “hold” to a “sell”… …the collective entropy of all the supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies is about 100 times higher than previously calculated. Because supermassive black holes are the largest contributor to cosmic entropy, the finding suggests that the […]

(Aug.29.09) -

Buffy-Saint Marie: New Music  ---»


Buffy Saint Marie has a new album coming out, Running for the Drum… and has a great interview on NPR this am. Her album Its my Way in 1966 is one of the great all-timers… with Universal Soldier, and one of the best 20th century data analysis and social-engineering exposition songs, “Cod’ine”. Theres an awesome […]

(Mar.31.09) -

Adventures thru Innerspace  ---»


Known formerly as Adventures thru Innerspace (branded Monsanto,), and globalwarminglyhot on the tails of Biosphere 1 (you’re already there), Biosphere 2, the arctic mars thing from 2007, and the recent mars 500; utilizing the Atomobile (based on the doom-buggy of haunted mansion fame) incredible shrinking car… you entered one end of a microscope. The que […]

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