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(Mar.25.09) -

New Virtual World Currency  ---»


Joining the ever continuous push for a new, non-US dominated world currency standard, China, home to one of the larger mmorpg virtual economy infrastructures, is calling for what more than a few G20 developing nations have already called for: remove the US Dollar, and any specific countries currency, from the valuation peg for world currencies: […]

(Feb.20.09) -

Stock Market Disaster = Cattle Drive?  ---»


People seem to forget the origin of the term “stock market” came from in a lot of bull… physical bulls. The Stock in the Stock market were cattle, in markets. So as the worldwide stock markets continue their downward spiral, consumers of cattle worldwide can perhaps take some comfort in the Corporate Fallout Detector, which, […]

(Nov.19.08) -

DOW drop in, but keep it under 8000, please?  ---»


Its a benchmark… backward! The DOW has finally given us a psychological threshold of de-evolution: “Its painful,” said Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at Standard & Poors. “A lot of people have pulled a lot of cash out. Theyre sitting on the side. Its all I hear all day: Where can I hide?” [nytimes] The […]

(Nov.11.08) -

United States of American Express Bank  ---»


Interesting news clippings for rememberance today: American Express becomes a bank. Treasury Dept secretly changes tax code allowing for free bank mergers. Its like getting a free golf ball for opening a savings account. Mars Rover Phoenix goes quiet. A canister of the deadly nerve agent Serin started leaking several months ago at a military […]

(Sep.15.08) -

The Banks  ---»


– In the News: Big Insurer AIG Seeks Cash, $40 billion bridge loan from the Federal Reserve, as Portfolio Plummets. (update: AIG get Fed Bailout) – In History, via Jack London, The Iron Heel, written in 1906: “The banks, themselves constituting one of the most important forces of the X, continued to call in credits. […]

(Mar.18.08) -

Better Balkanization Through Synergy  ---»


Synergy: lets all get together! or, Synergy: lets all collapse into a black hole of selfsame homogeneous perspectives! The choice is yours. Or is it? Basic wikipedia research by estimable research personalities with high social point quantifiers clearly indicate that the velocity and direction of getting together decreases entropy internal to the monadic entity, but […]

(Mar.10.08) -

63000 job loss: Party for March  ---»


Hot on the heels of the federal job loss indicator for february is an attempt by a group of activists to turn the unemployed to good. Since most economists love to present consumer confidence as the way out of a number slump, its been proposed that since all the people whove become unemployed will be […]

(Sep.03.05) -

A Confederacy of Dunces  ---»


may have been swept out to sea by katrina. Unfortunately, looking at the ocean currents and deep-drift phenomena, they may all beach somewhere around washington d.c. where the breeding conditions are optimal.  Ignatius J. Reilly will avoid this calamity, saved by Fortuna, due to the ability to trap hot air in his heavy tweed pants. […]

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