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Currently Targeting... Ailes vs Times: Phone Tapping Tampers

Ailes vs Times: Phone Tapping Tampers

Classic case of independent bagging: the recent attempt at phone tampering of Senator Mary Landrieu’s phone. The first two headlines?

Filmmaker Who Targeted ACORN Arrested in Alleged Senate Phone Scheme [F(ear) O(f) X(verybody) News]

– Clearly, a cultural, whistleblowing hero is being persecuted for an alleged attempt to expose a corrupt Senator.

4 Arrested in Phone Tampering at Landrieu Office
[New York Times]

– Clearly, 4 people were arrested for trying to tamper with a Senators phone.

– Clearly, a difference in journalistic rhetoric. Emotionally, a difference in paranoia being a powerful motivator.

Philip K Dicks Clans of the Alphane Moon

, [Read It], clearly shows that the Pare’s win out. Somewhat. Lets hope they get at least as many years as some Watergaters, or at least a commission hearing, like celebrity White House party crashers, or at least their lawyers can negotiate a bestselling expose contract. Nothing like making a paranoid fear monger do some time, a nice little self fulfilling prophecy experience. Question is, who’s in the satellite? Probably the rest of the world.

Obama in a Satellite

[source: wikipedia]

January 26, 2010
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