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Currently Targeting... Oliver Sacks Podcast on Mania, Madness, Memoirs

Oliver Sacks Podcast on Mania, Madness, Memoirs

The New York Review of Books has an interesting podcast page up, apparently ushering in the new age of interconnected cellphone facebook video novellas and streaming hyperembeddable media vertical integrations with some good old-fashioned personal one-on-one interviews. The latest is an interview by Eve Bowen of the NYRB with Oliver Sacks, the renown Neurologist/Author/etc/etc/etc. about Michael Greenberg’s new memoir Hurry Down Sunshine, music, madness, Musicophilia, Joyce’s daughter, and even more. You can listen here [mp3] or just visit the page with the full NYRB Podcast page for the whole burrito.

September 18, 2008
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