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Polls close on close polls as pols poll pols

Ahh, the sweet smell of… freedom. Favorite term of “independents”, independent of the polarity solutions of the defining social groupings. Free as in free as in Nietzschfree.

Funny thing about polarity, you always hear about it under another guise, “civilian casualties”, during moments of true polarity. Independents arent a true third position, just the most manipulable group, and thats where your basic warlordism comes in. As in, the only thing that seemingly makes independents free is the right to teabag it. Unfortunately, its not a position. Scott Brown is a great opportunist, as are the great “silent majority” in politics; he certainly isnt identified with the Republicants: not a mention in his campaign literature.

Opportunism made America great, as did destroying our education system (very important first step in any strategy to tip power to fear mongering techniques.. which seem to be one of the most efficient social motivators statistically and historically…), and somehow making it a benefit to destroy your own government. Government out of America! Yeah!

Anyway. I’ll leave it at that. Systems in flux always reach thresholds. Paranoia is an awesome force in the short term, and we will never run out of short term. Until we hit the long term.

January 19, 2010
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