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Eschatomania v Eschatophobia

throwdown of the year. Is THE END ala the strange denizens of eschatology under debate? Its one of those buses, you know, those If you arent on that bus, you arent on that bus bus. The merits of Eschatomania are clear: the obsession highlights clear, forward thinking about THE END TIMES, allowing its proponents a decided advantage when THE END appears. However, the merits of Eschatophobia are also of no small import: the fear can drive one to prepare like no other hormone. I would have to place my bets of Escatophobia winning out. Fear is a great equalizer. Lets attempt to allegorize lemmings into the debate. Would maniacal lemmings generally be going in the same direction, acting as a unified bunch? Or would fearful lemmings be more likely to go off the big cliff together? Yes, if youve ever been in a crowd when an elephant goes on a rampage, you know: fear wins. So i welcome the next unknown years with a healthy dose of fear, so we can all go together when we go.

September 11, 2001
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