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(Oct.30.08) -

Dead Bats and White Nose Syndrome  ---»


Having found plenty of dead bats in my house before, and as I previously wrote on bat deaths and bat diseases, the unknown reasons behind the bat colony collapse and white nose syndrome, particularly in the Northeast United States, continue to perplex ecologists and conservationists. Scientists, bless their hearts, have continued working on the problem […]

(Apr.30.08) -

Bat Disease and Bat Deaths  ---»


Having written previously about Bat Deaths, a new worry seems to be the spread of the dread white fungus, or white nose, syndrome. Colony collapse? hope against the pope its not. Now found in Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, the white nose syndrome may be a new kind of bat disease leading […]

(Mar.26.08) -

Bat Deaths  ---»


Humans question. Humans discover. I found a dead bat and proceeded to do both. Then I found another dead bat. Then two of them curled up in my woodstove, dead. Update and Note: If youve found a dead bat, whether it indicates white nose syndrome or not,  the best overall resource for dealing with them […]

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