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volume IIt’s out! The publisher is a small outfit who seems to mostly sell financial books, but its nice to have someone at the firm who at first went to the trouble of contacting me out of the blue, (the green?), and then, in the process, advocating for me. Ive ended up with an agent, a contract for three volumes, and a lot of other cruft I never imagined. I have to say I did not want to put in a few of the stories (you know what im talking about… J.N.) in this first volume that they put in, but they seem to have good hearts even if i dont agree with their groupthink. Plus I already found some spelling errors. Ah well. I am a profound supplicant to the philosophy of laissez-faire. A.K.A., I really dont care! Its been like finding five dollars in an old pants pocket, youve already gone through the loss, its all old dead and in the past, so finding it is all win win. Plus, I really did almost no work thru the whole thing. Its like winning a McBurger contest for omnivores (not including present company). Like Harry Shearer says, leave the comedy to professional comedians. You can get hurt. All in all, when books are dead, good time to come out with an old school, real paper book. And I really groove on the cover. Yes, i really groove… on the cover.

January 27, 2007
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