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Black holes of Consciousness

as everything grinds toward the infinitely extending event horizon of being known, its easy to forget those disturbing little black holes of the unknown. Phenomena like LOLcats are examples that are fun to consider. yet is there not a little twinge of disturbance, of blackness and fear, in confronting them? the explications of the phenomena fill the academic halls of history of consciousness programs, american studies, new media workshops, and random peoples heads. what is it all about, really? is it the cats? the weird conjunctive slang? uber anthropomorphism? we may never know, and yet, it seems somehow that if we cant figure it out conclusively, we experience a sense of profound doom. doom. but then, we can laugh it off, because, theyre damn funny. especially the genre of the invisible something or other… cuz as any observer of the feline species knows, cats can see The Other Side.

February 6, 2008
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