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Libraries, the new Sanitorium

are the primary consumers of public libraries becoming the homeless and destitute?  as governmental deregulation moves inexoribly  forward, public spaces that exist thru municipal or governmental funding vectors get permeated like a swiss cheese by private forces looking for any untapped micro-market. The event horizon is approaching when libraries are used mostly by the homeless. or is this just extremist binary thinking? being in the know, there are at least two libraries where the administrators have stated their most consistent and long-term users of the library space are, in fact, homeless. having myself used libraries long ago for temporary student housing needs, there is a bias to this assumption. but others are thinking within the same topic domain at least: “Just as large-scale economic forces are causing gentrification of our cities and the elimination of public spaces… [edit] powerful economic interests have also launched a full-scale attack on our public information spaces” [besser-ucla] So whether or not theres truth buried somewhere here, at least theres some social cred points scorable. and you know its all about the score.

February 4, 2008
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