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Currently Targeting... Add your Face to Coke Facial Profiler (instead of the other way around)

Add your Face to Coke Facial Profiler (instead of the other way around)

Great, Coke is out with a “youth oriented”, “self-image”, “persuasive technology designed” marketing attempt to match your face with others faces that look like you. Called the “Coke Facial Profiler”, it hits up Facebook Connect.

Big question is, what about dead people? Is it going to match dead people to dead people? Or rabbit faces? Sounds like fun. Too bad so much of the worlds megacorp capital gets tossed into the trashcan of history on stuff like this. Where do these marketers come from? FTFWWW:

Find your Other You

Facial Profiler is a one-of-a-kind app that matches and connects people via Facebook(r). But before we can do that, we need to compile a database of faces from people around the world. So add your photo to the database. The sooner it’s filled, the sooner we can unlock the results. [visit]

Lets see how many pictures of starving children can hit their servers. Do starving children look more like other starving children, or more like other healthy children? Do Russians look like other Russians, or Cantonese like other Cantonese?

The main critique I have is its just not creatively manipulative enough. Or, maybe it is… self image and comparisons are such a basic persuasive technology trope now its like watching an old black and white hand painted cartoon.. its just retro. Whatever happened to the days of really being able to pull the wool over the eyes? But the brute force marketers usually do quite well. Just insert yourself somewhere in between something people cant control, and put a value on it, and brand, brand brand.

Coke Facial Profiler, Drink it Up:

October 6, 2009
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