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Somewhat like a repo-man, i was approached a couple months ago to put together a pile of old, musty stories, a(sordid)ly published and unpublished across the tiny spans of little cheesy magazines, for a bound collection. The few that were published in books in the early 90’s have involved going back to the original publishers and getting permission, or more succinctly, the permission verification, because, although I have permission, being the author, I do not necessarily have the permission verifications, which are basically like little doctors notes given out for playing hooky from school. An interesting prisoners dilemma. Luckily the magazines etc were much easier: it seems most of them are sharing space somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. These situations needed a different type of note, which is basically like a note written on a gum wrapper saying you went to the doctors, but the doctor could not give you an official note because there is no official notepad, or the doctors now retired, so this note suffices to verify that the proof you went to the doctor is that you have an official note stating there is no official note. Memoirs from a bathtub indeed.

November 29, 2006
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