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Dr. Ronald Chevalier

  1. The Good Dr. Ronald Chevalier

For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the science fiction “authors author” scene, the estimable name of Dr. Ronald Chevalier may be unfamiliar to you. However, to legions of young science fiction authors since the dawn of time, when mankind still walked on legs of fish, the name of Dr. Chevalier has held a highly starstruck glaze over their heads and inspirational molecular selves. The Science Fiction Authors Club of Authors Headquarters in Manhattan even went so far last year as to offer him a free cryonic endpoint… however, the good Dr.’s principled belief in non-molecular preservational rolling integration led him to kindly reject the use of the technology.

Update: The good Dr. Ronald Chevalier has allowed temporary database access to recent oracular misgivings about the future of Scientific Knowledge:

Instead of outright rejecting the aforementioned use of molecular preservational rolling integration, Dr. Ronald Chevalier has integrated the aforementioned molecular rolling integration with a cryogenic facebook componentized schema, and an extension of the theory of non-molecular, Preservational, Rolling Integration, although he has begun to refer to the theorem as a whole as “Relaxating of Roilng, Non-Molecular Integration”, (Journal of Partial (pata) Physics, Jun 2019, ed. VII, pp 219-219.5):

  1. Mental Mind Expansion and Relaxating

As evident in the above video transmission from ViewTubes, an innovative interwebian vidiotic transmissive medium, Dr. Roland Chevalier has worked in the past on a series of exercises designed to expand the mind of cubicle inmates, and harness the repressed energy of the Ball spore to bring future generations into the fold of the expanding past of the future. This work is unrelated to his rumored twin brother Dr. Ronald Chevalier, also a doctor, but in no way a Studs Terkel of Science Fiction.

However, this ultra-condensed Ball of plasmic “Sporal” energy is important to consider, particularly in the light of the threat which Plantal spores are beginning to pose to the greater good:

  1. Chevalian Inner Energy Cyborgian Transformational Informatics

However, his most recent and noteworthy research, particular from the 2008 Symposium on Chevalian Inner Energy Cyborgian Transformational Informatics held in Reykjavik, Iceland, has been directed towards focusing the energies of the inner self, upon oneself, for the sole purpose of bio-designing highly evolved literary ecosystems. The metafusion of satisfactional inspiration is the powerhouse which is driving the forces behind a rumored cyborgian army of peaceful literary ecosystems, rumored to already exist in Russia: northern Siberian ghost towns, formerly populated by exiled scientists, have apparently been silently converted to think tanks, as Scientists thoughts have been proven to run better in cold, supercooled temperatures, although experiments are still underway. The only news of this area of research is the leaked video transmission below:

Dr. Ronald Chevalier – Inspiring Oneself

The Dr. Ronald Chevalier runs a Centre for Research over at HisSpace, which you can visit here.

October 27, 2008
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