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(Jan.30.10) -

Las Langue Du Lady Gaga  ---»


Lady Gaga: fan derive found on “Telephone” Lyric Site: total cultural gems. [related: janelle monae vs lady gaga] ii liike diisz sonqq itszz niice andd beyoncee madee ihtt bettterrr bEYONCEEE iLLLYYY BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I really love Lady Gaga’s songs but i noticed in interviews she totally talks like she smoked too much pot in high school! […]

(Jan.05.10) -

3d Television Set Required: ESPN 3DTV  ---»


News from the horizon: three dimensional television, aka 3d tv, has shown once again that consumers of sports drive markets. What joys in whoville. Besides the fact that the first 3d television network will feature nothing but sweaty men showing off their testosterone skills on grass, correction: genetically modified scientific grass designed for optimal trampling […]

(Nov.26.09) -

Monae on ArchAndroid  ---»


Great little interview clip with Janelle Monae (all posts) on an upcoming project, Arch Android (trailer), centered around Cindi Mayweather. Androids, Community Organizing, freedom and rights narrative… and one of the best upcoming singers and dancers around? The brain must explode.

(Oct.06.09) -

Video on commodification of the mind  ---»


Interesting video of a law professor talking about how pharmaceutical co’s have set up these virtual marketplaces to get stuff done… As companies learn the advantages of third-party, virtual labor, Jonathan Zittrain believes that the human mind is becoming commodified as a sort of “ubiquitous computer.” [link] But aside from the “Prize” economy (what the […]

(Oct.05.09) -

Ray Lynch, New-Old Alterno Emo New-Age Rockster  ---»


Ray Lynch, famed new-age Wyndam Hill musician of classic albums such as “The Sky of Mind” (1983), “Deep Breakfast” (1984), “No Blue Thing” (1989), and “Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening” (1993), apparently has sold out to the infamous plagiarist, Dr. Ronald Chevalier… however, its just a suspicions, and suspicious minds think suspiciously. Thats […]

(Oct.01.09) -

Dr Ronald Chevalier, Fraud & Plagarist?  ---»


Apparantly theres some hullaballo regarding Dr Ronald Chevalier plagiarizing some young innocents texts for his new scifaiku navel Brutus and Balzaak. This is disturbing news and comes not only via Nairobi but also via email chain letters from my relatives in Wyoming that I never knew I had relatives in Wyoming but theres at least […]

(Sep.04.09) -

The New Prisoner AMC TV Show  ---»


As written about previously regarding the viral seekthesix programme, AMC has a new “the prisoner”, a six part miniseries, already a victim of Too Much Information syndrome. Of interest is noting the fact that Patrick McGoohan turned down the role of James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973). Aside from the excellent presence of […]

(Sep.02.09) -

Station LA Fires Videos from Apocalypse Simulation  ---»


Hot on the heels of the LA Station Fires comes the latest in disaster visualization technologies. In the olden days, we only had Hieronymous Bosch and Albrecht Durer to help visualize apocalypse type environments. Later on we had film, and of course, lately youtube has been picking up the slack, most notably in Katrina. But […]

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