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Yes, finally completed the move of my pages from geocities to a real domain. After a decade plus of receiving naught but flak for adhering to what some call an antiquated blob of useless glue,  its time to leave the old “virtual neighborhood” and move to a new “virtual community” in the “web 2.0” era of “updated buzz”. Difficulties involved hand copying text into this new blogging platform widget thing. Huh. Databases. whodathot? End result is what your lookin at. My 14 year old nephew helped with design and introducing me to the wonders of something called AJAX. In my day, we used it to get out toilet stains, except for those really, really stubborn ones which required a kind of consumer grade napalm. so id like to shout out. Kids. I have not managed to get everything in, and nothing before 1999… yet. maybe in a couple years. Of interesting note, getting yahoo to clear out my geocities account was extremely painful, but looks like its gone now. Groovy.

January 26, 2008
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