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Currently Targeting... Nexus One Android, phone or artificial brain?

Nexus One Android, phone or artificial brain?

Looks like Googles Nexus One made it through the Philip K Dick estate deep freeze:

Google worked to introduce 3-D capabilities to the display and collaborated with Cooliris to showcase photos along a slick wall of images. It has also voice-enabled all text boxes in the device, so a user can speak into the device to, for instance, compose an e-mail message, rather than type the text of the e-mail. Google also unveiled a version of Google Earth that runs on the Nexus One. [link]

AT&T is also expected to announce a 5-phone line based on the Android OS sometime this week, on, variously, Dell, HTC and Motorola hardware. However, its rumored they will also continue to support their stone-age transmission throughput and Renaissance-era pricing models.

The Nexus One is only GSM, has a pretty hefty qualcomm processor, and mostly avail via tmob.. supposedly $179 with a two-year plan or $529 unlocked (for tmob’s only)

The google page to buy for consumption junkies is Google Phones: Too Big to Fail?

Qualifier: Its NOT the nexus 6:

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January 5, 2010
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