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Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!

Yet another exciting incident surrounding the Indian Point Nuclear Power plants.. this time, with a little more uumphh: instead of those blaring World War II variety of sirens, a much better, if even more cold-war archaic long buried, crufted technology reared its ugly, heart pounding, adrenaline laced head yesterday, its being reported in the Journal News:

A mechanical voice blaring “Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!” raised everyone’s blood pressure at nearby Rockland Auto Repair until workers were sure it was a test – and not a real incident at the nuclear power plant.
“It had a post-apocalyptic overtone to it,” said Rudy Gaspari, leaning over an engine with its hood up. “The voice was unsettling.”
“I got scared,” said Savi Lacuni, who lives a few dozen yards from the siren site off Congers Road in New City’s business district. “I started looking around and didn’t see anybody running so everything else seemed normal.” [link]

Even more comforting is the stated solution to blaring accidental triggers: disable the problem!

Indian Point spokesman Jerry Nappi acknowledged Friday that the vocal message “shouldn’t have happened,” but said plant officials have disabled the voice mechanism in that siren and fixed four others with faulty connections.

The classic moments just keep on coming.

September 19, 2009
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